Homevalley, a multinational services platform headquartered in Shanghai, is dedicated to providing cross-border business collaboration services to global entrepreneurs. Through our services, we help foreign entrepreneurs interact with the local community of Chinese entrepreneurs, stakeholders in the ecosystem and deeply acknowledge local Chinese customers, competitors and regulations in order to massively scale up business penetration and expansion.


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  • The top city in China ranked by national GDP
  • The leading city in everything from fashion and finance to start-ups and high tech
  • The fastest growing city in consumer, modern services, and e-commerce industries
  • The most efficient government regulation system for serving the international business community

Chinese market insights, abundant resources and cultural explorations wrapped in a 12-day journey.

  • Networking with investors and leaders in business and government
  • Innovation tours to visit some of the most successful companies in China
  • Customized tours of leading incubators and technology parks
  • Valuable education seminars on the current Chinese market and market opportunities


The harbor where your China business success sails

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